From The Chef's Creation To Your Home

The Chef’s Creation has transformed from just supplying commercial events and corporate settings, to now preparing dishes and menus to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. If you want to order in a gourmet dish for your lunch break while WFH or want to ease the pressure of hosting a party with friends, The Chef’s Creation will meet your needs and deliver to your door.

The Living Range

The “Living” range is suitable for the modern living style, with dishes naturally cooked as you would at home, with an emphasis on healthy ingredients that you can work into your home daily meal schedule. Made fresh but freezer friendly, these can be ordered in bulk to save you time over the week or frozen for emergencies.

Box Kits & Sharing Platters

Our Box Kits & Sharing Platters are designed to help with entertaining at home for casual gatherings, maybe a Book Club, Poker Night, Movie Night, watching sports events or just generally hanging out with family or friends. Trays of Chicken Wings, Koftas, Enchiladas and Spicy Homemade Wedges with dips and sauces are some of the dishes on offer.

The Christmas Shop

Celebrate Christmas at home in style this year with one of our delicious Christmas Meal offerings. Freshly cooked & chilled ready to reheat and serve, our Christmas meals take all the work out of your Christmas meal leaving you more time to enjoy a stress free day with family & friends. We have three different offerings to choose from.

How It Works.

You Make The Order, We Deliver To Your Door



Our food is made fresh using traditional cooking methods with the freshest and best ingredients we can source form our fantastic suppliers. We are a team of Chefs trained in the finest Hotels and Restaurants in the country so flavour and quality is what we are all about.


Our food is made fresh and can be frozen so feel free to bulk up and make sure you always have some lovely meals in stock. However, with our frequent deliveries we are always at hand for fresh dishes. Our Living range is packed in family friendly 1kg or 2.5kg packs. Click on each item for suggested number of portions. Check our other Casual Party and Dining In ranges to see how to order.

We work hard so you don't have to!

Sit back, relax and let us take away some of your workload. Whether it's family meals during busy days or entertaining friends, we take away the hassle of buying, cooking, cleaning up so you have more time to enjoy your time with those around you.

Order a delicious meal now,
delivered to your door.